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Judgment Recovery Specialists

Asset Management Services LLC is an international, professional company specializing in the recovery of court awarded judgments. Since 1993 we have recovered millions of dollars from cases that others could not solve. When our competitors give up, we get started.

We train the competition!

Our ability to unwind fraudulent transfers, bust open trust accounts, reach assets considered untouchable and bring debtors to justice is legendary in our field.

Our Success Stories will give you a quick glimpse at the scope of our abilities.

Click this link: Success Stories

Pre-Judgment Services

For cases that have not yet been litigated we offer the finest
negotiators available. We will mediate your dispute, negotiate a
settlement that meets everyone’s needs, and avoid costly litigation.
We will travel to any location necessary in order to help settle any
type of dispute.

Quick Contact

Asset Management Services LLC
755 Grand Boulevard
Suite B105-300
Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Phone: 800-355-9064 Fax: 866-704-6298
email us: sales@amsllcgroup.com

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